Fast Support System

the ultimate system to support your products and make your clients happy.

10 reasons you’ll love it

  • 01Unlimited Support Tickets
  • 02Super Fast
  • 03Assign tickets to support agents
  • 04Envato Integration
  • 05Slack Integration
  • 06Unlimited Products & Users
  • 07Private Tickets
  • 08Fast Like a Live Chat
  • 09Angular 2 performance
  • 10Based on Material Design

Leave no customer Behind

“help me obi one, you are my only hope”


Ready to Slack your world

Fast works great with Slack, install it and use it in your channels to see incoming tickets right away, respond and efficiently communicate with your team to solve your client’s problem.

Works With Any WordPress theme

Fast can be used with any WordPresss theme, out of the box with just a very basic setup. You are literally clicks away from the next level of your Customer Support experience.

Envato integration

With envato intergration you can support your products within Fast using envato authentication for any of the marketplaces. Act swiftly upon your clients’ requests and deliver your valuable support in an instant.

everything your previous system was doing, but faster, more reliable and cheaper

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